Welcome to Cabo Blanco Organic Butterfly Farm

A place dedicated to education, conservation and preservation of Cabo Blanco, one of Costa Rica’s rare climate zones.


To explain the importance to our ecosystem of not only butterflies, but of all insects. To explain the harmful effects of pesticides and herbicides on insects, our soil and ourselves. To teach our community (as well as foreign tourists) the importance of letting the natural flora thrive and to highlight its direct link to both butterfly and other insect survival.

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To build a business directly linked to, and focused on our specific natural environment. To only produce butterfly species native to our environment, using strictly organic farming methods and native plants. In this way we ensure that we are always supporting our natural environment and not working against it.

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To one day expand our project and to convert the land around the butterfly farm (hopefully all the way to the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve) into a protected nature reserve, therefore ensuring the preservation of Cabo Blanco’s unique and rare habitat.

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What our customers say about us

A must see. Motivated and passionate owners who enthusiastically share their knowledge with us in an exceptional environment. Unforgettable experience.

I’ve visited other butterfly farms but this one is EXCEPTIONAL. The visit is very interesting and complete, the owners passionate and friendly, the butterflies stupendous. The price worthwhile. A must.

We were just driving by and saw the sign so stopped in to have a look. Rachel, one of the owners, took us on a tour and explained what they do. It is, in fact, a working farm with a few greenhouses that are filled with a number of different species of butterfly including the famous blue morpho. Rachel is very knowledgable and enthusiastic and we learned a lot about the butterflies of the area. The “Owl” butterflies were very interactive and would land all over you trying to taste the salts on the surface of your skin. Best to visit early as they are most active in the morning. Worth a stop.

We had a very nice visit in this cute butterfly farm. Well organized and nicely put together to help you discover the local butterflies. Explanations were either in Spanish or English. The guide was super enthusiastic and willing to share her knowledge. I really recommend stoping there on your way to Montezuma or Malpais/Santa Teresa!

Had an AMAZING time at the butterfly farm! Had a private tour with my husband and 2 kids, 5 and 7. They loved it as much as we did! So informative and interesting! Definitely recommend the 1 hr tour as you learn the whole process of egg to beautiful butterfly ♥️. The owners take a lot of pride in what they do and it’s very obvious! Thank you! Thank you!

We had so much fun at this place! It is hard to find things to do in Santa Teresa with toddlers and the butterfly farm was the perfect experience. The kids loved it!

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