Our Mission

Cabo Blanco Butterfly Farm is located in the unique climatic zone of Cabo Blanco. It is a tropical dry forest from December to May and a tropical wet forest from June to November. This creates a rare mixing of species from the 2 distinct climatic zones. This unique climatic zone determined our mission: conservation, education and preservation.


To build a business directly linked to, and focused, on our specific natural environment. To only produce butterfly species native to our environment, using strictly organic farming methods and native plants. In this way we ensure that we are always supporting our natural environment and not working against it.


To explain the importance to our ecosystem of not only butterflies, but of all insects. To explain the harmful effects of pesticides and herbicides on insects, our soil and ourselves. To teach our community (as well as foreign tourists) the importance of letting the natural flora thrive and to highlight its direct link to both butterfly and other insect survival.


To one day expand our project and to convert the land around the butterfly farm (hopefully all the way to the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve) into a protected nature reserve, therefore ensuring the preservation of Cabo Blanco’s unique and rare habitat.