About us

We are a small, family-run organic butterfly farm and exhibit nestled deep in the jungle of Cabo Blanco (White Cape) on the southernmost point of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Originally started in 2014 by Laurent Trinci, a surfer and nature-enthusiast, he was joined in 2018 by his wife, Rachel Swenson, a preschool teacher with a passion for gardening. Our project now contains three parts:

The Farm

Using strictly organic methods, we produce butterflies that are then shipped, during their pupal stage, to other butterfly parks and exhibitions around the world. In an effort to promote education and the conservation of our rare climatic zone found uniquely in Cabo Blanco, we only produce butterfly species native to our area and use only native plants throughout the production process.

The Butterfly Exhibit

With beautiful gardens throughout the property and 2 garden greenhouses full of butterflies, our tours offer the unique experience to see many butterfly species in one place. Guests also get a behind-the-scenes look into our laboratories to learn about the process of producing butterflies. Our “off the beaten path” location as well as our proximity to the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, gives us the ability to see many kinds of jungle wildlife during our tours, in addition to an up-close look at Costa Rica’s butterflies.

Butterfly Souvenirs

We handmake necklaces, keychains and artisanal butterfly frames using local tropical woods. With these butterfly souvenirs, guests can continue to enjoy the beauty and complexity of Costa Rica’s butterflies even after they return home.